SHTC Junior programme

Our Junior programme is based on Mini tennis, this is tennis for players aged 11 and Under, played on smaller and progressive court sizes with slower balls. It is a fun and appropriate way to start tennis and makes it easy for children to play the game, develop good technique and tactics, and importantly a life-long love for the sport. From 12 years old the players will start to play with the standard yellow ball.

Philosophy: Why we do what we do.

We want all children to love tennis, to love playing and competing. We teach children to learn to play the game, and not just to learn strokes, through a strong technical, tactical, physical and mental framework which evolves as the child progresses through the different levels at blue, red, orange, green and yellow.

The Junior programme

We believe that tennis is a game for life, where all players of all abilities and ages can play, have fun, form friendships and compete well into their senior years. Our programme welcomes and encourages recreational and competitive players at SHTC, junior, adult and senior levels.

What should you expect from our Junior programme?

We teach children to learn to play the game, and not just to learn strokes. Although we believe that developing good technical foundations at a young age is important, we also believe that children should learn to play in an effective and efficient way. This means we aim to develop tactical ability, physical qualities and mental skills alongside technical basics.